Artists & Musicians Lounge
Take a break from the symposium and get lost in our lounge!

Friday 6.22 and Saturday 6.23
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM @ Kerckhoff Grand Salon
Free live music, art exhibits, book sales and more!!

(just steps away from the main event!)

Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie: Internationally acclaimed visionary spray paint artist, iboga educator & activist. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have appeared all over the globe, including venues such as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Smithsonian, Museum of Public Arts in Baton Rouge, Museum of Art Puerto Rico, the LA Art Fair, and many more. 

Through his dynamic range of artistic styles, Chor addresses issues of race, class, gender, neo-imperialism, corporate corruption, substance abuse, healthcare, drug policy reform, and the rights of indigenous peoples.  Visit at:


Fabian Realizer

As a sound guide, Fabian facilitates a unique style of “Shamanic Sound Journeys” heavily influenced from his visits to the Amazon of Peru. Incorporating the sounds from the jungle and instruments from his travels, he takes participants on a healing mystic sound journey within. For upcoming performance dates or to book a session go to 

Mauro Reátegui Perez

Mauro Reátegui Perez was born in Mariscal Castilla, Peru in 1973. He studied with Pablo Amaringo at the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting and graduated in 1995. His paintings are divine messages from plant spirits, containing visions of evolution and magic, creation and healing, the jungle and love. Mauro’s website is

Eskandar Alexander

Eskandar Alexander studied the musical traditions of Persian Music. He maintains traditional foundations and interprets the ancient gems into modern creations. Alexander aims to induce trance states and a deep sense of heart presence in listeners. His style of Tar playing is unique and pulls listeners into a journey of return to the heart. The Persian Tar (800-900 years old) is a spiritual tool, as it has been used throughout history, and much less of a recreational activity. Visit at

Michele and Ryder - Gitanjali Music

Influenced by the raw, soulful sounds of folk, blues, & world music, Gitanjali creates a hypnotic tapestry of lyric and imagery, reflecting the elemental & organic landscapes of life.

Mike Saijo

Mike Saijo, visual artist, takes a contemporary approach to an historical subject. His latest art project involves working with the Shipibo community of Peru on a multimedia installation and launching a crowdsource campaign to publish a Shipibo poetry book. JENE NETE: A Shipibo-Konibo Cosmology Poetry Book’ on Indiegogo.


Joey Jewels

Joey Jewels is a Producer / DJ from Los Angeles California. 

His sound is an excellent example of what inexpensive equipment and a fertile imagination can create. Some of the things you will hear may seem familiar, others strange and unique.



Maz Karandish

Maz Karandish is a devotee of music and a multi-instrumentalist covering grounds from Raga and and Maqam to Harmony and Jazz. He utilizes about a dozen instruments to bring the various forms of music to life. Maz is currently most active in exploring the sitar as it is expressed and understood in the Vilayat Khani tradition. He finds himself devoting the majority of his time to Indian Sitar, Raga vocal practice, and world music. In addition he plays Oud(Lute) and Persian Tar with the Santa Barabara Middle Eastern Ensemble where he specializes in Near East, Persian, Arabic, and Turkish repertoire. On his spare time Maz enjoys writing lyrics and incorporates guitar, synths, and harmony to bring his music to life.